Pigadoorz is a creation of child hood memories once past, and child hood memories new to be made. Lily, the creator of Pigadoorz, is the child of a Domestic Violence family in New York. At 4 years old, and virtual years of witnessing abuse, this child found it in her heart to not only smile, and find her child like happiness. Pigadoorz, is her translation of the name Theodore from the Chipmunks movie. However, due to her speech impairment, she resorted to calling Theodore, her favorite chipmunk, Pigadoorz. We honor her child hood suffering, by naming our store after her. She is an inteligent child full of spunk, and ready to take on the world. She is a breath of fresh air to those of us who have been victims, some of us more than once, some of us never, but witnessed it. Pigadoorz.com supports Domestic Violence prevention, and we start by saving humanity one child at a time. Wont you join Lily on this long term journey to make a difference. Pigadoorz.com uses part of our sales to donated much needed clothing, hygiene, toys and even support to victims of domestic violence with children. Thank you for reading, for shopping and for supporting our cause.